I’ve been playing music all my life, starting with the recorder when I was four and a half. I’ve had a go at piano, sax, flute, cello, viola, didgeridoo, guitar and a few other instruments along the way but the violin has always been my passion.I’ve been working as a full time free lance violinist since 2003, performing for concerts, weddings, parties, functions and a variety of other gigs.

In 2007 I traveled to Europe where I spent a month performing through paris with the show stopping Italiano group Guappecarto as a special guest on their high energy wonderfully choreographed original gypsy music, along with a variety of other artists there from all over the world. I spent another 3 months performing in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic, with local talented musicians.

In november 2007 I traveled to New York to record with 3 virtuosi artists from the world renowned Trinidad steel drum orchestra “Pamberri” to collaborate on a wonderfully unique project envisaged by Japanese founder, coordinator and producer, Momma San.

Through 2008 the project evolved and I had the honor to record and perform in Tokyo as part of the newly formed group “Panup” collaborating along with versatile Japanese artists and an album was released through Japan called 7c available through Amazon Japan.

In 2008 I also recorded and released my first solo classical CD “Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and More”. In 2009 I recorded an album of celtic melodies with some original compositions followed by an album of Gypsy Jazz “Too Beautiful” with Sydney based artist/guitarist/composer Jose Zarb in 2010. 2011 Saw the release of “Blessings” an album of mostly classical songs performed on violin. “The Dream Drover” a collection of Australian folk music was released in 2013 for the Boorowa Wool Festivle. 2014 saw the release of “Faerytale”, a collaboration with artist, musician and composer Lugh Damen.


Down By The Sally Gardens